Client Testimonials


Stroke in late 30's 

"I met Pam and Carrie initially at the Alta Bates Medical Center in 2008, where I was undergoing my post stroke outpatient therapy, It had become apparent to me if I wanted to have any shot at recovery, these were the therapists I needed to work with. I had all my ‘firsts’ in their care! My balance improved, my hand opened and fingers started moving, I eventually took my first steps knowing for a fact I wouldn’t fall or trip without any support or cane - all the very things traditional rehabilitation therapists didn’t think I would be able to do any time soon. I found the most mindful, spirited, hands-on care I could possibly dream of. Carrie and Pam became my confidantes, my support team and my beacon of hope in the years post stroke. Their open-mindedness, loving hands and tremendous knowledge of neurological treatment approach helped me formulate a program most fitted to my needs as a patient. This continues to help me improve and gives me hope for the future”


Stroke in late 50's

"The Neuro Wellness Center provides a comprehensive, integrated approach to recovery from brain injury. I began my work with Pam and Carrie two years after my stroke which had left me with significant left-side impairments that inhibited my walking and use of my hand. It's never too late to start with them, though I wish that I had started working with them earlier in my recovery process. Their approach provided hope even after the years had passed with limited recovery. They were sensitive to my limitations which included a broken hip and still pushed me to make progress in my recovery. The facility is welcoming, clean, and safe and both Pam and Carrie are skilled, thoughtful and fun to work with. This is a great place if you are willing to do the work required to recover from stroke."


Stroke in early 60's

"I’ve been a patient at Neuro- Wellness ever since my stroke six years ago. I am fortunate that I can walk and talk, but unfortunately cannot use my left hand. My treatment at Neuro Wellness, has improved my tight hand and reduced cramping. My research into stroke recovery has convinced me that their program aimed at taking advantage of “neuro- plasticity” is my best hope for full recovery.  It’s heartwarming to see patients come in wheelchairs or canes, and over time learn to walk again. Pam and Carrie take a good deal of  interest in every patient, and provide individualized treatment and attention."